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The Vehicles of McMurdo - November 5, 2002

378.2 KB
Title: Fuel truck at Weatherport

341.7 KB
Title: Delta transport truck

337.0 KB
Title: 4 x 4 Pickup

335.5 KB
Title: Mike Stewart on NSBF ATV (Look out!)

433.4 KB
Title: Fork lift tractor

294.6 KB
Title: Fork lift bringing ATIC crate

386.4 KB
Title: Fork placing crate on deck

419.5 KB
Title: Ski-doo personal transport vehicles

330.2 KB
Title: Hagland tracked vehicle

312.5 KB
Title: Hagland cargo deck

367.3 KB
Title: 4 x 4 Van with tractor "wheels"

394.6 KB
Title: Closeup of tractor "wheel"

365.3 KB
Title: ATV getting a warmup in Weatherport

400.7 KB
Title: Pax Delta for transporting personnel

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