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Installing ATIC Lower Frame - November 9, 2002

377.7 KB
Title: Ring crate brought into Weatherport

430.8 KB
Title: Pressure shell package removed from crate

407.8 KB
Title: Unwraping pressure vessel

371.5 KB
Title: Preparing to remove shells from ring

430.2 KB
Title: Attaching pressure vessel ring

405.9 KB
Title: Assembly of lower frame

420.9 KB
Title: Positioning lower frame under instrument

424.2 KB
Title: Preparing to attach lower frame

428.6 KB
Title: Lower structure on and attaching SIP deck

388.0 KB
Title: Attaching experiment scaffold

410.1 KB
Title: ATIC in lower structure

364.4 KB
Title: Lifting the S1 hodoscope

455.1 KB
Title: Installing the S1 hodoscope

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