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Condition 1 Storm at Willy - November 8, 2002

157.2 KB
Title: Testing the ATV

96.0 KB
Title: Randy and Doug Smith Outside

87.0 KB
Title: Greg and Doug Smith in storm

78.8 KB
Title: Can barely see Doug Smith through blowing snow

118.0 KB
Title: P.I.G. barn and Weatherport during storm

140.1 KB
Title: Fueling the Weatherport heater

147.2 KB
Title: Greg after a few minutes outside

153.8 KB
Title: Doug Granger practices snowball making technique

213.0 KB
Title: Finally got Doug Smith inside

140.7 KB
Title: Snowdrifts rapidly built up during the storm

158.5 KB
Title: Early morning after storm LSU flag still flys

149.5 KB
Title: Weatherport and P.I.G barn following storm

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