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December 4, 2000

December 4, 2000 -  The ATIC flight crew has been on-site for more than a month.  We now know that during November, the McMurdo area experienced the largest monthly total snowfall (25 inches) since recording keeping began in 1957.  The previous record of about 20 inches was set in 1971.   In spite of these difficult conditions, we have continued to make progress on getting ATIC ready for flight.

In fact, over the last week we achieved several major milestones.  This include: completing initial detector testing, testing of the TDRSS telemetry link, assembling the detectors into the payload stack,  installing the pressure vessel ring,  moving the payload to the external frame, powering up all payload components, collecting test data with cosmic ray muons, and completing tests on the line-of-sight (LOS) telemetry links.

Over the next week or so we expect to complete our flight preparations and begin waiting for our flight opportunity.

Check out ATIC Pictures for some of our latest images.  Included are views of the latest payload assembly sequence.


Joachim Isbert adjusting external support legs 

Track the ATIC experiment


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