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Experiment Status & Data
 November 07, 2007: 

The final verification of the Silicon Matrix (SiM) has been performed and all but 16 pixels out of 4,480 show muon peaks separated from the noise.


The SiM has been continuously monitored for the last few days and continues to perform well.


The instrument pressure shells have been installed and the system tests for leaks.  A small leak has been found and traced to the lower shell bladder.  In addition, a leak has been found in the hard disk pressure vessel.  The lower shell was removed on Sunday, November 4.  A small cut in the bladder was found and is very likely the cause of the pressure vessel leak.  After re-installing the lower pressure shell the leak continued.  The Top shell was taken off and a fold of the bladder in the o-ring groove was causing another leak.  This bladder was taken off and a new one installed.  On Nov 6, another leak test was performed and the shell was found to be completely sealed and ready for flight.


The hard disk pressure vessel was removed from the instrument and we resealed any potential leak areas.  The hard disk has not leaked since.



ATIC in the external frame.

The dangers of the Ice
Being trapped down here has finally taken its toll.

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