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Experiment Status & Data
 November 01, 2007: 

Assembly and testing of ATIC continues to go well.  Much of the SIP integration has been completed and we have verified the TDRSS high rate, TDRSS low rate and LOS communication links.  A remaining task is to verify the COM2 Iridium link.  In addition, the upper external structure has been assembled and flight antennas have been installed.


Flight preparation of the Silicon Matrix (SiM) has also proceeded well. On Tuesday, Oct 30, the remaining MSFC personnel (Christl) arrived on the ice and, in addition, the matrix was placed on the ATIC detector stack to evaluate its performance during the nightly muon run. Analysis of these data the following day showed that the SiM is performing well with the exception of one problem detector card.  This problem was resolved during the day Wednesday and the SiM was hard mounted to ATIC in its flight position.  Preliminary analysis of the Wednesday night muon data today, shows that all major issues on the SiM have been resolved.  A remaining task is to verify muon signals in all of the matrix pixels.


Final preparation of ATIC for installing the pressure shells is currently underway.  This involves locking connectors, wrapping cables and installing the pressure bladder protection padding and mesh.


McMurdo BBQ
McMurdo BBQ
Doug and Doug BBQ'ing steaks

Installing SIP
Installing the SIP
The crew installing the CSBF SIP package

Track the ATIC experiment


All Flight Systems run on QNX Realtime OS.    
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