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Experiment Status & Data
 October 27, 2007: 

The LSU ATIC crew (Gould, Granger, Guzik, Isbert, Smith, Stewart) arrived on-site at the Willy Field LDB facility on Wednesday October 24.  We were able to unpack both the instrument and support equipment C-containers and, within a few hours, had a minimum ATIC system powered up and collecting muon calibration data.  Work toward resolving some payload building issues on Wednesday was cut short when we needed to evacuate the site due to worsening weather.

We were able to return to the payload building on Thursday (October 25) morning.  The overnight muon data was downloaded and analyzed.  Results from this analysis showed that all hodoscope and BGO calorimeter detector channels were fully functional and no major repairs / adjustments are required.  The remainder of the day was spent keeping out of the way of CSBF and RPSC personnel as they brought Payload building 1 up to full operational status.  I need to very strongly commend both Dave Sullivan and Phil Austin for their heroic and effective effort in rallying the McMurdo resources required to solve that building issues.

On Friday, October 26, we will able to use the entire payload building and complete the initial ATIC setup.  The ATIC control and monitoring systems were established in their permanent location for the season on the mezzanine.  In addition, the ATIC instrument was moved to the pressure vessel ring during the morning and to the lower part of the external structure by 3 pm in the afternoon.  This is, in fact, a new record for ATIC assembly.  The experiment is currently powered up and will be collecting muon calibration data throughout the night.  

Following analysis of this data, we expect that ATIC will be ready for installation of the SIP tomorrow.

Tonight is the annual McMurdo Halloween party.

C-17 Flight
The Flight accommodations on a C-17

ATIC-4 in the External
The ATIC 4experiment in the lower 1/2 of the external frame.

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