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October 23, 2000
October 23, 2000 --  The ATIC crew spent most of September and October getting ready for deployment to Antarctica.  Since Antarctica is a hostile environment and facilities are still rather sparse, some of this preparation had to include an extensive series of medical and dental exams to assure that no one had any major health problems.  In addition, MSFC completed work on the Silicon Matrix detector and the device, along with some support equipment, was shipped to McMurdo.  LSU also completed its late shipment of electronics and support equipment.

Currently, an advance ATIC crew has arrived at McMurdo today.   Their job will be help prepare the hanger at "Willy" field where ATIC will be assembled and to begin some of the initial setup.  With two days to go before the main ATIC crew leaves the U.S. last minutes details are still being worked out.  For example, "How to I fit 3 months of personal stuff into less than 60 lbs!"

Next stop Antarctica! 


ATIC crate ready for shipment to Antarctica


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