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Experiment Status & Data
 October 15, 2007:  The ATIC crew is currently only days away from our fourth trip to Antarctica and the last several months have been very busy.  ATIC’s trip to Antarctica began on July 10, 2007 when the experiment was loaded onto a flat bed trailer in front of Nicholson Hall to begin the first leg of its journey.  The initial stop was at Palestine, Texas, home to the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF), where ATIC was schedule to integrate with the balloon craft systems.  Our crew arrived on July 17 and spent the next two week testing detectors, assembling the experiment into the external frame and installing the CSBF communication equipment and antenna.

  New this year is a high gain TDRSS antenna which we are hoping will provide a 100 kbps telemetry downlink during the ATIC flight.  This will be about 16 times faster than our previous telemetry stream, enabling a larger percentage of the ATIC data to be received in real time.  In the middle of this activity a group from the local “Red Hat Society” paid us a visit and we took the time to give them a tour of the experiment.  Finally, on August 3 ATIC was ready for the compatibility test which is basically a dress rehearsal for launch.  The payload is picked up by the launch vehicle and all balloon craft systems are hooked up and checked out.  No major issues were uncovered during this “hang” test and ATIC was quickly disassembled and packed in the C containers.

  The payload and support equipment was shipped from the CSBF on August 21 and we expect to meet up with it again on October 23 when we are scheduled to arrive in McMurdo, Antarctica

ATIC 4 Communication Test
Communication Test
ATIC-4 was rolled out of the hanger for an evening test of the TDRSS high gain communication system

ATIC 4 Hang Test
ATIC-4 Hang Test
The ATIC experiment is shown here hanging from “Big Bill” during compatibility testing on August 3, 2007

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