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January 18, 2003
January 18, 2003 - The following is from Joachim Isbert who was on the termination flight and who will participate in the recovery of ATIC 


ATIC has been cut down. Officially at 02:01 UTC  at S 74:40, E 160:19 from 124.7 kft. Impact time was 02:36 UTC at S 74:37.8. E 160:24.9 at 5500 ft.

The payload tipped over on landing onto its stern, where the antenna boom was mounted and was dragged about 60 ft before the parachute was cut. We landed, but spent only about 10 min on the ground, not enough to get the disk or anything from the SIP out. I was only able to disconnect the battery and the solar panels, close the gas bottles and get the disks from MSFC cut out since they were very easy to get to in that position.

Bill Stepp wanted to get back to MCM as quickly as possible for the Boomerang cutdown.

In spite of being tipped over and dragged ATIC looks pretty good. See attached pics.

I was able to take a movie from the landing. It is a bit shaky at full zoom from the circling plane. 


See Joachim's Quicktime movie of the landing here (5.2 MB).



View of "top" side 

View of starboard side

Track the ATIC experiment


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