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January 6, 2001
January 6, 2001 -- ATIC is now more than half way around the Antarctic continent and all systems are performing well.  We are collecting events at the rate of about 1,400 per minute along with housekeeping, hourly calibration, and diagnostic information.  A sample of these data continues to be downloaded via a TDRSS satellite to our ground system in Palestine, Texas which we can access from Willy Field via an internet connection.

Preliminary analysis of the downlinked flight data shows good charge resolution from the Silicon Matrix detector and electromagnetic showers in the calorimeter as expected.  Events with energy of several TeV has been observed.  The flight electronics and software is working very well, automatically correcting faults as they occur.  No leaks have been observed in either the pressure vessel or the hard disk enclosure and the internal temperatures range from 24 to 30 degrees C depending upon location in the instrument and time of day.  

With the system performing so well, we have had little need to uplink commands.  However, we are continuously monitoring the experiment in case a major problem occurs that requires our intervention.

Assuming ATIC continues at its current speed we anticipate the balloon returning to the Ross Ice Shelf by next Thursday (1/11) or Friday (1/12) when we will terminate the flight.

Check out Flight Results for plots of some of the housekeeping and event flight data.


The track of the ATIC experiment as of January 5, 2001 


All Flight Systems run on QNX Realtime OS.    
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