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Experiment Status & Data
 November 11, 2007: 

ATIC has completed all major milestones during compatibility testing over the last several days.  Successful checks include the rotator, solar arrays and power system, detectors, communication between ATIC and the SIP, telemetry over TDRSS and LOS, uplinking commanding over TDRSS and LOS, as well as ground system links between Palestine, Texas and the flight line at McMurdo. In addition, the TDRSS high gain antenna was calibrated and a high speed link, for both uplink and downlink, was established and tested.  At this point ATIC is ready for flight.

Except for ATIC itself, we have vacated the main floor of Payload 1 and moved all support equipment to the mezzanine. 



ATIC in the external frame.

The dangers of the Ice
Being trapped down here has finally taken its toll.

Track the ATIC experiment


All Flight Systems run on QNX Realtime OS.    
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