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ATIC-4 Mission Images

Delta Trip to Cape Evans - Nov 2007

The ATIC crew taking a Delta trip to Cape Evans.  On the way we found some Native Wildlife.

Installing the SIP, Silicon Matrix and Laxativ - Oct and Nov, 2007

The ATIC crew installing the final component for the interior of ATIC

Things seen around Willy Field - Oct and Nov, 2007

The varying things seen around Willy Field

The setup Begins Oct, 2007

The setup on ATIC 4 began October 23, 2007.  The experiment was up and running by the end of the day.

Travel down to Antarctica Oct, 2007

The trip down started on October 19, 2007 in Baton Rouge, La.   Some 30+ hours later we touched down in Christchurch, New Zealand.  2 days later we were on a C-17 bound for Antarctica.

Pre-deployment Integration – July, 2007

ATIC-4 began its long trek to Antarctica this year on July 10, 2007.  The first stop was Palestine, Texas home to the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility where ATIC was scheduled to undergo integration with the ballooncraft systems.  The ATIC crew arrived at the CSBF on July 17 and spent the next two weeks assembling the experiment and integrating with the balloon systems.  On August 3 we successfully passed the compatibility (hang) test.  The experiment and all support equipment was then repacked and shipped to Antarctica.


All Flight Systems run on QNX Realtime OS.    
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