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ATIC-3 Mission Images
ATIC Hang Test - December 5, 2005

With the Silicon Matrix issue "repaired", the hodoscope and calorimeter detectors fully operations and the pressure vessel with an almost perfect seal we proceeded with compatibility testing.  Also know as the "hang test" as we attach to the launch vehicle and test all systems and interfaces as if we are preparing for launch.
Silicon Matrix issues and Pathfinder launch - December 4, 2005

A couple of days after sealing the pressure vessel a problem came up in the Silicon Matrix reducing this detectors effectiveness by 25%.  We therefore had to open the pressure vessel up (always a chancy operation before flight) and attempt some in-situ repairs.  We also witnessed the launch of the first Pathfinder balloon that would indicate whether the high altitude winds have set up.
Getting ready for flight - December 2, 2005

The ATIC instrument is prepared for flight including installing the pressure vessel, checking for leaks, rolling out the instrument to check the satellite communication links.  We also had some interesting times with a few minor storms.
First week of work - November 25, 2005

This first week of work for ATIC in the LDB facility has been very productive.  We have performance tested all the detectors, moved the instrument to the ring and external frame and integrated the SIP.  Here are images that highlight these activities.
First day of work - November 16, 2005

We were finally allowed to occupy the LDB payload bay and our first day of work was very productive.  In particular, by mid-afternoon ATIC was powered up and collection muon calibration data.
Views from the C-17 Cockpit - November 10, 2005

A new friend of ours had the opportunity to sit up in the cockpit of the C-17 that flew us from Christchurch to McMurdo.  Here is a small selection of the almost 500 images she took as we were coming in to the ice runway just outside of McMurdo.
Traveling to McMurdo - November 3, 2005

The ATIC setup crew left Baton Rouge on October 26, 2005 and arrived in Christchurch on October 28, 2005.  We had one extra day in our schedule, so we visited the New Zealand alps and Mt. Cook in particular.  October 30 was spent getting checked out with our Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear and we flew to McMurdo on the following day, October 31.  This flight to McMurdo was particularly comfortable as we had real seating and lots of legroom in the C-17 Globemaster aircraft.  After a series of briefings in McMurdo we had a chance to drive out the Willy and view the new LDB facilities which are quite spectacular.
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