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ATIC-1 Mission Images

ATIC Payload Recovery  - January 22, 2001
Recovery of the ATIC experiment will require a couple of flight by a Twin Otter aircraft.  In the first flight high priority items such as the flight data storage disk and the BGO calorimeter detector were removed from the experiment and returned to Williams Field.  An additional flight will return the remaining equipment.
ATIC Flight Termination  - January 13, 2001
After a flight of almost 17 days the ATIC payload parachuted down to the surface of Antarctica.  NSBF personnel flew in an LC-130 aircraft from Williams Field to the location of ATIC in order to terminate the balloon flight, carefully watch the descent and obtain a precise GPS measurement of the touchdown location.
ATIC Launch Day  - December 28, 2000
On this day the solar panels and other flight hardware was installed for final time, ATIC was placed on the Delta launch vehicle and rolled out to the launch pad.  After a final systems check the balloon was laid out and inflated.  Finally, at 5:26 local time ATIC left the launch pad for its trip to the very edge of space.
Flight Preparations - December 14 - 27, 2000
By mid-December work on the ATIC detectors was completed and on the flight software was nearing completion.  During this period the pressure vessel was installed around the instrument, tested and covered with the thermal insulation. Tests were then done to ensure compatibility with the NSBF systems in preparation for launch day.
ATIC Payload Assembly - December 02, 2000
Over the previous week we made good progress in assembling the ATIC payload.  This sequence of pictures taken over several days shows the detectors being inserted into the stack and the completed stack being moved to the external frame.
Pressure Vessel Disassembly - November 27, 2000
Following successful completion of the pressure vessel leak test at 8 psi, we disassembled the vessel in order to protect and store the hemispheres as well as to prepare the vessel ring for payload assembly. 
Thanksgiving at Williams Field - November 25, 2000
The crews at Williams Field took a day off to celebrate Thanksgiving. 
Preparing Silicon Matrix Detector - November 14, 2000
Jim Kouznetsov and Mark Christl are shown here working on the ATIC Silicon Matrix to prepare this detector for integration with the instrument. 
Scott's Discovery Hut - November 14, 2000
Robert F. Scott built this hut in 1903 during his first expedition to Antarctica in the ship Discovery.  The building was used primarily for storage and to stage entertainment shows.  It currently is a historic treasure and contains well preserved article from Scott's expeditions.  
Visit to Scott Base - November 12, 2000
Scott Base is operated by New Zealand and is located on the south side of Ross Island.  We pass right by Scott Base everyday as we ride over to Williams Field. 
Working on the ATIC instrument - November 12, 2000
Over the last week we have made considerable progress is getting the calorimeter, hodoscope and silicon matrix checked out and tuned for flight.  Work also proceeds on the pressure vessel. 
Williams Field - November 6, 2000
Here is an initial look at the hanger barn where ATIC is being assembled and testing.  The first few weeks down here required considerable effort in digging out the buildings and restoring power and heat. 
Snow Survival School -- October 31, 2000
Part of the ATIC crew spent Halloween learning how to build snow structure and camping on the ice in sub-zero weather in order to gain experience and confidence in handling the harsh Antarctic environment. 
Travel to McMurdo, Antarctica -- October, 30 2000
Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear is issued prior to boarding a C-141 military jet aircraft for the final leg into McMurdo, Antarctica.  The ATIC crew follows in the footsteps of some of the great Antarctics explorers of all time. 
Travel to Christchurch, New Zealand -- October 25 - 29, 2000
A portion of the ATIC crew make the trek from Baton Rouge, La to Christchurch, New Zealand: the final stepping off place for Antarctica.
ATIC Pre-deployment Integration -- August, 2000
The experiment was crated and shipped to NSBF headquarters in Palestine, Texas on July 29, 2000.  The ATIC crew arrived on July 30 and began the month long pre-deployment integration.  
All Flight Systems run on QNX Realtime OS.    
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