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McMurdo Information

This information was obtained through the McMurdo Station IntraNet weather information service.

Mean high and low temperatures, in degrees Fahrenheit, at McMurdo Station for each month of the year.  The ATIC team will be on-site between November through January.
The mean monthly snowfall in McMurdo over the year.  Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth and, thus, the snowfall amount is relatively low.
The amount of daylight in McMurdo during the year.  While the ATIC team is in McMurdo we are having 24 hours of sunlight.
The amount of daylight at the south pole during the year.  A question for students is why are the daylight plots for McMurdo, the South Pole and Christchurch so different.
The amount of daylight in Christchurch, New Zealand during the year.  Christchurch is the staging area for U.S. Antarctica Program flights to and from McMurdo Station.


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